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For those of you who have my business card, you may want to make a change to it.

Today, I announce that Randy Stern Creative Services, formerly known as Randy Stern Creative Business Services is no longer a valid name. Originally, RSCS was to be the umbrella company that this blog, my other writing and creative ventures and a social media consultancy were to fall under.

Though my writing ventures will continue, the sole work falls under the V&R brand. It has become a calling card by itself – a brand that has transcended the work both online and elsewhere.

Therefore, Victory & Reseda will be the corporate name going forward.

The brand has been growing – despite some mispronunciation of the second word (listen to Tom Petty's "Free Falling" and repeat the name of the city he states that it is "a long day" in). All of the sudden, V&R has been getting noticed. This is a good thing.

V&R will focus on building content for the site, opening the door to other colleagues and associates towards creating diverse content and providing relevant material for the other two outlets I work with – Lavender Magazine in Minneapolis and Even original content will be seen on here as well.

If you think this change is only limited to a "corporate name," there is more. V&R will break out vehicle review stories between full reviews and "Quickies." A Quickie will feature vehicles that were only driven a very short period of time only to get an impression off of it. These short reviews will not go into depth on impressions as just to give you a feel for the road and the vehicle.

Later in 2013, the Vehicle of The Year award process will undergo some other tweaks. This will be announced by the summer.

Lastly, V&R has plenty of surprises in store for the 2013 season. It is simple to say "stay tuned" at this point.

Being V&R has been amazing so far. It will continue as it grows and becomes a beacon for the automotive community (i.e. "carmmunity") and other connected communities locally and globally.

Here we are, and here we go!

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