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The key to success in social media is engagement.

Engagement is a huge thing to consider when you use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, blogs, Flickr, YouTube, etc. It is one thing to produce content, but it is another when people respond to it. It could be positive or negative, lame or robust. Still, when people read or see what you have done – that’s an even greater "win."

Victory & Reseda is a point of engagement as well. The blog is the primary spot of engagement as all roads lead to the writing and the photography. Then, there are other portals, such as a Facebook page, a Twitter feed, Google+ and a Flickr album. Through these portals, I find that it is important to keep you interested in what is happening on various channels.

One thing V&R is not is a dictatorship. That's Jeremy Clarkson's department. If it were one, engagement would not happen.

Instead, I offer up the following offer to you: Would you like to share your photography and/or writing on V&R?

Seriously, this is an offer.

It's simple: If you're a photographer and have photos of automobiles and public transport systems you want to share your work with a growing automotive blog, I'll give you a shot! Make sure your original photos are easily accessible online and can provide an embedded (as in Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, etc.) to be linked back to your page, along with a link to your gallery. Please include your bio, as well your copyright information and how you want to be attributed must be included.

Writers – your offer is similar. If you have written or would like to write on an automotive or transportation subject, you can have a guest shot on here. Or, you can write about your vehicle…and, why you love it so much (or, hate it). That is, of course, provided that you provide photographs of it that can be put up here.

Word count for the write-ups should be within reason (my pieces run between 900-2,750 words – in case you’re wondering) and you agree to be edited for grammar, spelling and general fact checking. You own the copyright to your piece, which will appear at the end of your submission on here.

Is there a catch to all of this? Since V&R has no budget, there is no compensation made for your submission. The point of doing so is to highlight some very talented and creative people that are in my world in the context of doing this online publication.

One more thing: Keep it PG-13, please.

If you are interested, you can either e-mail me at, send me a private/direct message via Facebook or Twitter (@VictoryReseda).

I hope to show your talents on here to share with a greater and more diverse audience – and induce some engagement for your work!

Good luck – and let’s have some fun with it!

Photo by Randy Stern

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