Commentary: (Not So) Silent Lucidity

Their one-and-a-half hour long video introducing the Lucid Air luxury electric sedan, along with the teasing of their SUV, certainly looked like a play to one-up on Tesla and Musk. Even if they did not acknowledge the elephant in Palo Alto and Fremont.

A Volvo, Plugged

#VOTY16 marked a series of firsts. The XC90 was the first SUV/Crossover to win the award. It was also the first European automotive brand to win the #VOTY. Not only was it the first Volvo to win, but it was the first two #VOTY awards in a row for the Swedish automaker.

Commentary: Electrification or Just Electric Vehicles?

This month alone witnessed the unveiling of two upcoming production full-battery electric SUV/Crossovers and a glimpse at another such future vehicle in the same class. These developments are happening, as another European premium/luxury brand is about to deliver on their full-battery electric crossover.

Plugged In

We live in a world where everyone is squeezed between putting gasoline in their automobiles and the messaging that we would have to drive automobiles without fossil fuels. We would plug into the electric current that runs through our homes, our workplaces and the public infrastructure. Electric cars are the future…Tesla is leading the way…