Historiography: Still Riding With a Panther

The answer above would be a proper response to the question of the Panther platform's longevity. It also serves as a reminder as to why Panther platform cars are recycled at a greater rate than any vehicle ever made in the past 35 years. Everywhere you go – regardless of the average income of a neighborhood, you will find more than one such rear-wheel drive dinosaur driving around the block.

Have a Ball…Any Ball!

In every culture, there is a form of sport that we follow closely to a mass following. The want of sport is a national obsession used as an escape from reality. Moreover, some use sport, as it is integral with reality, despite the escapist tendencies of fandom.

Commentary: What is a Car Community?

It has been a pattern that I have found when presented with opportunities to make inroads in a community. Prior to coming out, finding a community meant hanging out with a clique of your peers. Whether they become friends for life may determine whether they follow you on social media or not.

Commentary: We Are All Car Whisperers

Come on, admit it. There's a bit of oddity in you. Something that stands out that you don’t want to world to see. Something you do that bucks against how you were supposed to be raised and socialized.

The Intrinsic Value of The Arts for Automotive Enthusiasts

There are occasions when the degree comes in handy. I no longer can feign ignorance to someone posting about a musical performance at a venue that would not be on anyone's radar. Nor would I pass up on a good exhibit at a museum. Perhaps running into an old classmate who has established a career in said institution. Admittedly, I know many artists working in various genres and media. They provide further context in this work as well as the support of each other in our various forms of art.

Why, Yes, Cars and Food Do Go Together!

It is an observation I had over the past nine or so years that may seem insulting to my food enthusiast friends and acquaintances. The idea of food as iconic and luxurious, such as fine wine, spirits and even automobiles, just seems baffling from a distance. The notion of celebrity chefs serving up iconic plates for every other budding or established kitchen team to recreate has been a sport unseen even in American culinary history.

Travelogue: From Maps to Apps

Back in the day, we used to chart our course by using a map – whether it was a folded paper one or a big atlas in our vehicle. We would read it, review it, and drive onward to our destination. Wad it an exact science? It was when it counted the most.

On The Dial: Stand By Your Van

On this site, we explored the idea of how much we take our audio systems for granted. Though we no longer relying solely on terrestrial radio to entertain us. We can now plug in or sync a whole host of devices to the infotainment suite to keep us motivated over the miles.