Travelogue: Driving In The Face of Extraordinary Times

This is a question that we all should be asking our family, friends, enemies, and other human beings during this period of self-quarantine and social distancing because of the COVID-19 situation. It has not been easy for us, as a whole. Some have reached a breaking point. Others have rolled onward the best they can.

Rental Car Review: A Truck Will Do, Thank You!

Even as the discussion of COVID-19 has been amplified, and the subsequent action by both the Federal Government and the state of Minnesota started to take effect, I knew that I had to do something in the face of this so-called panic. My solution to dealing with this crisis is simple: Just drive.

Rental Car Review: Driving a Hedgehog

That cute blue video game hero that you played with on your Sega console was quite an inspiration. Perhaps an inspiration for General Motors to create a subcompact car for a global market becoming the video game’s namesake…they did – in 2011.

Throwback Review: The Thanksgiving Vehicle That Started It All

Perhaps there is a reason behind getting behind the wheel of these SUVs and crossovers. There is an opportunity as an automotive writer to provide some consumer advice regarding these vehicles. A vehicle shopper certainly has a wide variety of these wagon-esque conveyances to choose from – with many niche products available in the marketplace!

Throwback Review: Homely?

Tweet 2008 Ford Focus SE 4-Door – Photo by Randy Stern A Victory & Reseda Throwback Review of the 2008 Ford Focus One of…