Twin Cities 2021: Broncos, Pronto Pups, and Parades

Several things came up deep in my mind. One, how much of the Minnesota State Fairgrounds will the show take up? What areas would the show take advantage of for displays? How much can the auto show replicate the feel of the Minneapolis Convention Center, even when it is outdoors?

Twin Cities 2020: Yes, That Was Me On The Radio…

Results. Think about that for a moment. Isn’t it the goal of any publication – digital or otherwise – is to achieve a following? To get webpage hits, likes, social media interactions, views on viral video sites, and so forth?

Chicago 2020: All In A Day's Work

This was supposed to be the premier Tier I auto show for the winter, thanks to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit moving to June. All hopes were on Chicago delivering the impact Detroit vacated at this time of year, as it once did some 15 years or so ago.

Los Angeles 2019: Wished I Was There

Hypothetically, would I have been effective while working the L.A. Auto Show delivering content even with my old high school enjoying one of its best football seasons this century and that a significant scion of our community will be memorialized?

Commentary: The Stage is Set For a Truck Summit in Minneapolis

Thanks to your patronage, the local economy experiences an annual economic impact of $19 Million. Over 41 percent of that figure goes into activities outside of the Minneapolis Convention Center – dining, staying overnight at a nearby hotel, attending a Timberwolves game at Target Center, visiting the Walker Art Museum, buying toiletries you forget to pack at the downtown Target, and so forth.