Commentary: We Are All Car Whisperers

Come on, admit it. There's a bit of oddity in you. Something that stands out that you don’t want to world to see. Something you do that bucks against how you were supposed to be raised and socialized.

Commentary: Nissan's Latest Path Forward

This is the challenge of Nissan as it announced its plan going forward from massive global financial losses and sales. This plan was announced by Nissan CEO Makato Uchida at their headquarters in Yokohama, Japan, as some of these measures and plans have been reported elsewhere in bits and pieces.

Commentary: The Road Awaits For Now

Now, I’m not too sure. Perhaps not in the way that is expected for an automotive journalist prior to government "stay-at-home" orders and shutting down of borders to flatten the curve on the COVID-19 virus.

Commentary: Save The Manuals?

Before Cuba Gooding, Jr. won his Oscar for "Jerry Maguire," he starred in John Singleton's break-out masterpiece "Boyz N’ The Hood." He was responsible for the double entendre above as played out when he introduced a woman to his lowered Volkswagen Beetle.

Commentary: We Will Travel Again!

Even as government shutdowns are being enforced, some of us doing so. Risky as it may be, we justify our travels as essential. We need to tend to loved ones who live miles away.

Commentary: What's In A Logo?

This question came up as I am working with a 2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport for publication very soon. It is the first Volkswagen in the North American market to wear the new corporate logo. You will see the logo on future products, including the 2021 Atlas.

Commentary: Your Vehicle, This Pandemic

There are some things that are missing in our lives. These days of being at home, staying safe, self quarantined, and social distanced (rather, physically distanced) are keeping us in place. But, as spring arrives in most of this country, our yearning to be free becomes fresh in our minds.

Commentary: Looking Out Through The Thick Of It

Being (self) quarantined and practicing social distancing has caused some form of cabin fever amid the quest for answers from the powers to be. While our first responders and healthcare workers are doing their best with limited resources to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are doing what we can to maintain our health and dignity during these times.