Commentary: How Much Are Rental Cars Now?!?

However, there is one issue that came out of the COVID-19 pandemic is putting a huge hurt on traveler’s wallets. Because of the immediate impact the shutdowns had on the travel business, a lot of financial decisions had to be made. While airlines parked planes all over the world, rental car companies found that they could not afford to keep up current fleet levels when business dropped.

Commentary: Unpacking Stellantis's EV Day

There is a lot to unpack here. However, Stellantis made this a bit easier for me to navigate their strategy through the slogans that goes with each brand. The slogan is the messenger for what exactly they plan for each brand. Some of them are too tasty to read. Others fit what they are doing already or plan to do in the future.

Commentary: A Much Needed Break

There were many mouths to feed – myself included. Many obligations to fulfill. The miles put on for travel content earlier this year was just the beginning of what was to come.

Commentary: About Those Rainbow-Infused Social Media Icons…

While some communities are celebrating on the month commemorating the Stonewall Riots of 1969 – the real powder keg that projected the LGBTQ Liberation Movement into orbit worldwide, others are on hold. Plans are in effect for a July, August, September, even October Pride festival or some sort of celebration.

Commentary: Musings On A Changing Automotive Landscape

The first twenty years in this business (the last ten as V&R) has seen some astounding revolutions and evolutions. The automobile is a work of art that has gone through so much that it is still recognizable as a self-propelled vehicle.

Commentary: Pride, In The Name Of This Work

With shutdowns and community guidelines in place, almost every in-person event was cancelled. This year, we’re seeing a limited number of events happening – even with some changes to placate the latest guidelines for gatherings, social distancing, and masking rules.

Commentary: Ford's Maverick Strategy

For one, the former compact pickup truck has grown into a mid-size one. Full-sized pickup trucks have grown tremendously, especially when you consider how big the Heavy Duty versions are. Not to mention how prices have soared for pickup trucks – period.

Commentary: The Next Normal

However, we are preparing to see this pandemic disappear in our rearview mirrors. Mask guidelines are lifting in some cases, while other parts of the world are dealing with another wave of the virus.