What Would Randy Buy? – The Pandemic Edition

When the world started shutting down, automobile sales went down by nearly half the volume from the year prior. In latter months, sales performance has improved. Some retailers reported better sales numbers than last year in the same month.

My Favorite Features on Any Automobile

There is always some feature that probably sold you on buying your vehicle in the first place. It is probably a gadget that you loved playing with every time you’re behind the wheel. After 100,000 miles, that gadget would be worn out from you playing with it over time. Or, it could be the only thing still going after 150,000 miles on the clock.

Commentary: Save The Manuals?

Before Cuba Gooding, Jr. won his Oscar for "Jerry Maguire," he starred in John Singleton's break-out masterpiece "Boyz N’ The Hood." He was responsible for the double entendre above as played out when he introduced a woman to his lowered Volkswagen Beetle.

Visiting The Service Department

TweetAll Photos by Randy Stern Service. It is the most important part of the automobile ownership experience. If something is wrong with your vehicle,…