Color Wars!

What color speaks to you?

It depends on your mood really. Your personality, above all. How you view the world – or how the world views you. But, ultimately, color comes from your life – from the clothes you wear, the colors you choose for your home, etc.

There are arguments over colors – and the psychology of them. Perhaps if you're into the Green Lantern series, where there is a battle amongst the colors of Lanterns or factions, then you probably understand these arguments over the importance of color in our lives. (I suggest listening to the 619 Bearcast, Episode 38 from last year’s ComicCon to get the entire scoop of what I’m on about)

When it comes to automobiles, we often think in two terms about colors: How individual we are and how much we care about or car. An individual thinker would rather pick a color that speaks to them. If it looks great on a car – and both the car and color reflects the personality of the owner – then, you can see where the relationship between car and owner will go for the term of the car loan.

Commentary: Is A "Good" Car Hard To Find?

08 Hyundai Sonata 1
Photo by Randy Stern

What is a good car? That is a question that takes on individual meaning since not everyone agrees what a good car really is. Lots of consumers rely on pundits, enthusiasts and the Consumer Union to help them determine what a good car really is.

“So, Randy, what is a good car?”