2014 – A Celebration Year

Tweet Photo by Randy Stern Back in 2011, I rebranded this site as an automotive blog with intention. Victory & Reseda is not just…

Thinking Out Loud

Tweet Photo by Randy Stern Victory & Reseda wants to do something for the Carmmunity. This site is becoming more than just a look…

2013 – A Look Ahead

Tweet And, now, a brief look back at 2012…OK, moving on… Photo by Randy Stern No, the Mayan Prophecy was not fulfilled. You can…

Five Favorite Moments of 2012

Tweet Just one of those moments… Photo by Randy Stern Am I really "living the dream?" A better question is whether this is the…

This Is Who We Are Now

Tweet For those of you who have my business card, you may want to make a change to it. Today, I announce that Randy…

V&R in 2012 – A Look Ahead

The question remains: What would make this site completely awesome?

This year already yielded some huge advances for the site. Through new connections, a wider social media presence and some leaps and an expansion of outlets for my writing, the groundwork has been laid for an extraordinary 2012.

That is, of course, if the economy would be of help on my end.

If, perchance, that the economy is indeed improving and I am able to gain traction through this phase of economic recovery, there are a lot of plans for V&R. All it takes is some hard work, some opportunities and some miracles thrown in.

Sometimes, it's good to make some plans for the upcoming year. What vehicles would be reviewed on this site (and Lavender Magazine)? What events should I attend for coverage in V&R and Lavender? What crazy ideas I might have to bring you closer to these two outlets (and more)?

Your Turn: Saying Good-Bye to Twin Cities Assembly

Dan R. was one of the last workers left at Ford's Twin Cities Assembly Plant in Saint Paul on Friday, December 16. His several years working the line gave him a good living. However, the final day of production prompted him to feel the moment…

Your Turn: The Camera Eye Personified

This is why I started doing a new segment for V&R – Your Turn. This is a forum to feature other creative folks that you may or may not have heard of. Their talents range from automotive photography to humorous writing from a different point-of-view transportation-wise. Your Turn posts will also feature stories of reader's rides – whether they love them or otherwise.