On The Dial: Songs of Automotive Interest

Even today, the automobile is still a subject for musicians to tackle. The genres of music and vehicle are wide enough to capture the culture we live in. The automobile still plays an integral part of our lives – as does music.

On The Dial: Take A RoadWorthy Drive On The Radio

Now on his fifth year, Chester hosts two shows every week for dozens of affiliates nationwide. It all began with his first affiliate in Topeka, Kansas – KMAJ-AM – in 2016. From there, his show is now heard nationwide, including across Iowa and several stations here in Minnesota. Chester’s show is heard in smaller cities and rural communities, with some using Neilsen’s measuring service for ratings.

On The Dial: It Used To Be Called "The Radio"

Unfortunately, these definitions are not up to date. We know the word as pertaining to the combination of audio, navigation, other information and entertainment systems combined through a singular interface. We know some of the brand names it is sold as – SYNC, UConnect, Entune, HondaLink, NissanConnect, ConnectedDrive, UVO, MBUX…and so forth.

On The Dial: A Look Back At 2020

And, yes, it has been a challenging year in music and radio programming. Since March, everyone had to reinvent themselves. Air personalities have been doing radio shows from home, using Skype, Zoom, and other digital platforms and fusing them onto their respective broadcasts. Sound quality and fidelity may have not been music to everyone’s ears, but the show continued to go on.

On The Dial: Testing Your Favorite Song For Audio Excellence

For starters, it is a multi-part piece of science and art that is fused into creating an optimal space for music to live in. It is to expand and concentrate how sound travels through sonic waves and channel separation in an enclosed space – such as an automobile interior.

On The Dial: Stand By Your Van

On this site, we explored the idea of how much we take our audio systems for granted. Though we no longer relying solely on terrestrial radio to entertain us. We can now plug in or sync a whole host of devices to the infotainment suite to keep us motivated over the miles.

On The Dial: Listening While You Work…At Home

Of course, we’re at home. So, we have to watch something. We got Netflix, Amazon Fire, Hulu, our cable or satellite broadcasting at our beckon call. But, what if you need to concentrate on your work while you are at home under government orders?

COVID-19 Update: Staying At Home and Connected

There have been plenty of responses to the COVID-19 situation that has permeated into this country. It was reported that the USA now has the most confirmed cases in the world. This has prompted continued responses from governments and the automotive industry to try to stem this virus from doing further damage to society and the economy.