On the Dial: "Radio, It's A Sound Sensation…"

Welcome to Minnesota, where its public radio entity has three channels to choose from. The first two you've already guessed, but how about a commercial-free, ecclectic music station that does not play "weird stuff" all of the time? A station that starts with the Olympic Hopefuls, goes into John Hiatt, then Michael Franti or The Roots, then Michelle Shocked…you get the picture.

They call this The Current. And, I like it! Well, so do many of my fellow 25-45 year old demographic friends and acquaintances.

Radio has been my friend for years. Without it, I wouldn't have discovered a lot of the music that has forged my life throughout the years. As a kid in Reseda, that Montgomery Wards stereo worked hard to get KDAY and The KAT (later KKDJ) from the AM dial straight outta South Central. If it weren't for those two seminal stations, hip-hop wouldn't have been a part of my soul.

When KDAY blasted the long version of "Rapper's Delight," I thought I was heaven. Nowadays, when the Black Eyed Peas come on one of these corporate-owned FM jukeboxes, I just want to cringe.

What has changed? Let me go back a few years…

On The Dial: Gadgetry and Responsibility

The void on the upper end of the center stack of our new vehicle certainly evolved over the past several decades. We began just with an AM radio band. Then we added the FM band, 8-track tape cartridges, cassette tapes, compact discs…and so forth. Today, we can do so many things than just listen to music while we drive – it is starting to become distracting.