V&R Stories: Memories of Riding the Old RTD

On most days, I normally commute by our local public transit system, Metro Transit. Taking the bus makes things easier plenty of times, especially if I am working in downtown Minneapolis or attending an event where parking and traffic are severely impacted.

V&R Stories: The Last Train Home

Among the lessons I learned being a Northern Californian involved making the right call when "going out" at night without a car. Keep in mind that driving a car in San Francisco required a sense of insanity even the sanest of people acutely have. It had been said that finding someone to have a nightcap with was easier than finding a parking spot in San Francisco.

Travelogue: Duluth sans voiture

Tweet The 10:00AM Greyhound Minneapolis-bound express ready to pull out for from the Duluth station. All photos by Randy Stern Intercity buses. Love 'em…

Smarter Travel On Public Transportation

Gas prices has been on a rollercoaster lately. With the possibility of crude oil prices going up to $70.00 a barrel, your gas bill may up costing as much as your rental car bill in some places.

If you're concerned about your travel budget, why not beat the cost of gas and visit a town with a good public transportation system?

In North America, there are several cities you can visit where you can skip reserving a rental car. Think of the savings when you take a public bus, train or ferry boat around town or out in the suburbs. Not to mention the incentives for using these services to the most popular locales.

Here's a listing of a few places in North America that you can get around easily by public transportation…

Zipping Around…Again

TweetIt's been a while since I "Zipped." "Zipped?" What's wrong with me? Am I some sort of…um…? No need for alarm. I am only…