We Did a Video Review!

Video by HolisticGeek.com for Victory & Reseda

In early June, my friend and sometime collaborator, Scott Schumacher, got together to do something I never dreamt of doing – a video review.

Video reviews are not a new format. With the advent of viral videos and YouTube, they are more commonplace than you think. Some are clean production using either a portable digital video camera or a GoPro. The quality of the footage and editing are next-to-none. I salute those who can pull these video reviews off with ease.

On the other hand, Scott and I do not have such nice equipment. Instead, Scott had his point-and-shoot digital camera and used the video feature to shoot the review seen above. Me? I tried my best to not act such a fool in front of the camera.

The real star of the show is the 2012 Dodge Durango R/T. While Scott was shooting and I was fumbling through my impressions, the big red all-wheel-drive machine was poised and taking in the sunshine at a park near the Mississippi River in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

The result? Well, we had fun doing this shoot. The Durango was a great subject to work with.

Feel free to check it out yourself…at the top of the page! Meanwhile, I have got some writing and photography to do…

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