Video: #VOTY2021 Explained

With good production, you can deliver the message.

One day, as my video person, George, and I were on a cruise down towards Fountain City, Wisconsin, we had a hair-brained idea of making a video explaining the process and timeline of the Victory & Reseda 2021 Vehicle of The Year Award – #VOTY2021.

The result is below. A video shot while I was driving the 2022 Volkswagen Taos on Wisconsin Highway 35 south of Prescott. The rest is all George's graphics and such.

First, let's watch the video…

A reminder that on October 30, all of the nominees will be announced and the scoring process will begin. The panel is be convened and they will give their input enthuse nominees. Then, you get to vote on November 16 from one of the finalists for #VOTY2021.

Simple? Perhaps. This is the fifteenth time this is done. It doesn't get any better than this!

Thank you for watching!

Cover photo by Victory & Reseda

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