#VnRChat – The Agenda for October's Chat

2013 Mazda CX-5 24
Enough room to fit an entire two-hour Twitter chat… Photo by Randy Stern

On Sunday, October 14, the 2012 Vehicle of the Year award's Long List will be revealed. Later that evening, V&R Chat (#VnRChat) will break down the initial field of vehicles being considered for this year’s big award.

To join in the conversation, log on to your Twitter account at 8:00PM Eastern Time (7:00PM Central). Make sure you watch the hashtag (#VnRChat) for the chat conversation. If you want to respond, don’t forget to add the hashtag to your tweet. It is that simple!

Obviously, there are other items on the Agenda for the October #VnRChat. Here are the topics…

NEWS: A recap of the Mondial de l'Automobile in Paris and what it will mean for next month's Los Angeles Auto Show. Plus, some tidbits ranging from the Presidential Debate and how Tesla and Fisker were used by one of the candidates to other random stuff that come across our desk.

MOTORSPORT: The Formula One circuit is making its final swing through Asia with the Korean Grand Prix that Sunday. With two more stops on that continent (India and Abu Dhabi), the circus will finally land back in the U.S.A. launching a new track in Austin, Texas. Sadly, we will chat the weekend before the Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta, concluding a great American Le Mans Series season.

V&R's REVIEWS AND THE MIDWEST AUTOMOTIVE MEDIA ASSOCIATION FALL RALLY: The MAMA Fall Rally outside of Chicago yielded some vehicles to catch up with, plus some new experiences. In addition, we will look at the Mazda CX-5 – the car I drove home from the Rally in.

SPECULATING VOTY '12: After Sunday's unveiling of the Long List, it will be your turn to speculate who will win this year's award. The best thing to do is to review the Long List, consider it – and state your case. Put yourself in my shoes for a moment. You drove that vehicle and you thought it was the greatest vehicle you drove all year. Why? There will be a lot of vehicles on the list – take your time. We got two hours.

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