Hear Ye! Come to the V&R Chat Town Hall!

Lobby Day at the State Capitol
"I said "Town Hall," not "legislative hearing!" Photo by Randy Stern

This will not be your typical V&R Chat.

We have some celebrating to do. V&R will turn two years old this month. In fact, V&R was rebranded two years ago this month after being transitioned from a personal blog featuring automotive content to a 100% automotive website and social media content generator. The work has been going on for 11 years now and V&R is the current package for this work.

The work now appears on other outlets – such as the Twin Cities' Lavender Magazine. The two outlets have been synergistic in terms of driving readership between the two and drive the growth of automotive content onto a regional LGBT publication – one of a few in North America with such exclusive content.

There is also opportunity to advance this work. Last year's accomplishments set a high bar to follow for this site. What is still out there to accomplish? What stories are still out there that can be covered? How do we grow in readership and engagement?

Or, do you care?

All of the above is why the next V&R Chat will be a Town Hall. It is open agenda with limited moderation. Bring your topics, your critiques of V&R…your complaints about the universe…onto Twitter. There are no filters, no agendas…no bull. And, everyone's invited – OEMs included!

The Town Hall will take place on April 7 at 8:00PM Eastern Time (7:00PM Central) on Twitter. Please use the hashtag #VnRChat to follow and participate on Twitter. It is suggested to use a website or program – such as TweetChat – to get the full effect of the chat itself.

Come and join in on what could be the liveliest V&R Chat in its short history!

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