VOTY 2012: The Clock is Ticking

Saint Mary's University Main Campus 7
Photo by Randy Stern

The clock is now ticking towards the first step of the Victory & Reseda 2012 Vehicle of the Year award.

It is a big deal around here with the work that goes into preparing for the data crunch and fielding the panel to gauge which of the Long List will be voted on in November. Every year is dedicated to making the process work for you.

We are now two weeks away from the first phase of the process.

However, there are a quick series of changes to announce. The Long List announcement has been moved to Sunday, October 14. A posting will appear here with the Long List, which will be discussed in V&R Chat (#VnRChat) that evening on Twitter. Voting will commence on November 1 as planned, but it will be extended to Friday, November 16. On Saturday, November 17, the winner will be announced.

The Long List has not yet been finalized. There are a few more vehicles under consideration that has yet to be driven. The Long List could probably total somewhere between 35 to 40 vehicles when it is all said and done.

Two weeks may seem long like infinity. I can assure you it will be worth the wait.

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