#VOTY19: Breaking Down The Finalists

Let’s talk about the Finalists for #VOTY19…

Though it may look like it is just the usual suspects, there are a few differences for this year's Finalists than in past years. Some facts may just surprise you.

For one, this is the second year in-a-row that the Volkswagen Jetta appears as a #VOTY Finalist. The current generation model returns to the ballot after being swept aside by the reigning #VOTY18, the Lexus LC and the runner-up Ford Expedition.

Speaking of Ford, this is the third year in-a-row, the Dearborn company has made it to the Finalists ballot. This is actually the first time the Mustang has made it to the public vote. Believe it or not, Ford has not won a #VOTY in the twelve years prior to this year’s race.

Neither has Kia and Volkswagen. Both companies have appeared on the ballot before but never have been able to claim the award. Last year, Kia’s Stinger was on the ballot.

Hyundai and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles have won the #VOTY – twice each. In fact, Hyundai won the first #VOTY07 with the Sonata, followed by the next-generation model for #VOTY10. FCA’s Dodge brand won both of the company’s #VOTY awards – #VOTY12 for the Dart and #VOTY14 for the Challenger.

Ram Trucks have been Finalists in the past with the previous generation half-ton model. The new Ram 1500 has won numerous awards in the past 13 months – including MotorTrend's Truck of the Year, the Texas Auto Writers Association's coveted Truck of Texas, and the North American Truck of The Year.

The Kia Telluride also scored award from MotorTrend, as this year’s SUV of the Year. Over the years, the Ford Mustang received its share of awards and accolades. After all, it was one of the original pony cars.

What is interesting about the Telluride is that is shares a basic platform and some components with the Hyundai Palisade. Although, both SUVs have their own personality from each other.

Speaking of personality, one of the hosts of the Carbitage podcast, Erik Berger, campaigned last year for a #VOTY18 with a manual transmission. Based on his (and perhaps yours) "save the manuals" mantra, the Ford Mustang, and Volkswagen Jetta are the only two equipped with a third pedal.

The big question is which one would you #Vote4VOTY? You have an iconic sports coupe with a 55-year pedigree, two SUVs from the same platform with distinctive personalities yielding equally big headlines, the hottest selling vehicle in this country, and a sedan that enthusiasts still love.

What are you waiting for? Cast your ballot to #Vote4VOTY! You have until 11:59 PM Pacific (USA/Canada) Time on December 8 to do so!

Photo by Randy Stern

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