#VOTY19: …And The Winner Is…

“Everything counts in large amounts”…so says Martin Gore of Depeche Mode (or, was it Dave Gahan…moving right along…).

The votes have been tabulated. You have made your voice heard loud and clear. Think about it: How many automotive awards let you do that?

With that said, we now have a #VOTY19 winner.

This winner is perhaps somewhat expected. If you read the headlines and the reviews of this vehicle and its latest competitors, you probably got the idea that this would be a very worthy #VOTY.

This vehicle took center stage during Super Bowl LIII through the brand’s new advertising campaign. It shows that a small town in the American South can build a vehicle worthy of families across this great country. It would be capable and accommodating – something that points to the prominence of this particular segment and an entire genre of automobile.

Therefore, the 2019 Victory & Reseda Vehicle of The Year award goes to…

The Kia Telluride.

The automaker from the Republic of Korea created a family three-row mid-sized SUV that is both accommodating and capable. However, it is made in West Point, Georgia – an American SUV made right for us.

The Telluride is a great combination of performance, along with both on- and off-road ride and handling quality and high content across all trim levels. That’s just scratching the surface. The Telluride won because it raised the bar in its class in terms of everything mentioned above – and beyond. Not to mention that the Kia had superb comfort, drivability, controls, and a distinctive rugged style that stands out in a crowd.

This great SUV scored very well in our evaluation, with our media panel, and with you – the voters! In fact, you have seen the Telluride in person and came back with your own positive feedback. We even accommodated seven of us – adults of various shapes and sizes – comfortably on a drive while in our care.

Victory & Reseda congratulates the great teams at Kia Motors America on their first #VOTY win. This marks the second SUV to have won the #VOTY. We look forward to handing off the award to Kia in the first quarter of 2020.

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