#VOTY2020 – Getting Closer to Voting

The #VOTY2020 process is underway. The Media Panel has been submitting their votes and the scores have been tabulated on the Objective and Social media sections of this award process. Once everything is tabulated, then the finalists will be announced, and the live ballot will be open to everyone!

This year, we are giving you one day to vote. That is Monday, October 20. You have one day to make your selection of which of the five finalists will become #VOTY2020. 

This is done without any messy debates, grandstanding, or any battles for justice. Just a peaceful day of making a decision from your phone, laptop, computer, or tablet to pick one of five vehicles for the ultimate award. 

However, there is no mail-in ballot or early voting. It is all done electronically from the safety of wherever you are at that day. Just click – and that’s it!

The #VOTY process has been thought out way before this pandemic hit. This is why the #VOTY has always been ahead of the curve. It is an audacious statement of awarding the best vehicle of that year based on evaluation, expect input, and your engagement. 

Speaking of experts, the Media Panel has converged since 2014. They have been a huge part of the #VOTY process using their know-how as independent members of the automotive media. They are journalists, content creators, podcasters, video hosts, and bloggers. Most of all, they are trusted knowledge leaders whose input in valuable in this process. 

Who are these Media Panelists? There are 22 people who have been given the task of reviewing all 46 nominees to provide feedback on their top choices. Neither of us are on the jury panels of the larger awards – such as the North American Car, Truck, and Utility of the Year or the World Car Award. And, that is the beauty of having this panel – giving voice to independent media members who work as hard as the ones from larger circulating outlets and channels. 

You think doing the #VOTY is an easy task. Not even. Not this fourteenth time around. That is why this is the peak of V&R’s annual circuit of the sun…er, interwebs. Every moving part of this effort is absolutely worth it. 

And, it does not stop when the votes for the finalists have counted. We have to award it…somehow. The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the way we work and interact with each other. We might not be able to have that photo opportunity we enjoyed over the past several years or that moment to hand off the award to the worthy recipient. With everything this year – we will figure it out. 

With all scores being tabulated, get ready for the second most important vote of the fall – #VOTY2020!

Photo by Randy Stern

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