#VOTY2020 – A Voter's Guide to #Vote4VOTY

Tomorrow, you get to #Vote4VOTY!

You’re probably glad you do not have to mail your vote in. Or, stand in line to vote early at your election office or city hall. Or, are probably nervous and anxious to get your vote over with.

First of all, relax. Chill. Take it easy. You got one more day to #Vote4VOTY – and you only got one day to do so!

And, for those who think are you are ineligible to vote. Or, may be spurned away at the polls. Don't worry! You can vote online on here or through a social media channel we’re on. 

Anyone can #Vote4VOTY – even those outside of the United States of America! That’s right, Canadians, Australians, Brits, Germans, Thais, Brazilians, South Africans, Emirati…you can #Vote4VOTY, too!

These finalists are not elderly candidates. They have been sanitized to be protected from COVID-19. And, there is no question of where they were born or why they have been presented as finalists for #VOTY2020. 

Below is a voter’s guide to the five finalists for #VOTY2020. Each finalist is given a few sentences to perhaps persuade you to vote for one of them for the big prize. 

HYUNDAI SONATA: "My name came up a couple of times as a #VOTY winner several years back. In fact, I won #VOTY twice – #VOTY07 for the NF generation and #VOTY10 for the YF generation. My latest iteration – the DN8 generation – is sleek and full of technology. I can even park myself! Even Big Papi called me 'wicked smaht.' Oh, and I am available in a hybrid with a solar panel on my roof! If you vote for me, I will become the first nameplate to win three times! Vote for me and I will make more history!"

RAM 1500: "Always the bridesmaid, but never the bride. Well, pickup trucks aren't supposed to be bridesmaids. In fact, I have a big trophy case telling me that I’m the best in the business. Why would you vote for me? How many pickup trucks have been up for #VOTY multiple times? But, I get the job done. I deliver on pure V8 power – sometimes with a little box called eTorque that delivers even more low end grunt. A vote for me would be history in the making – the first pickup truck to win #VOTY!"

TOYOTA CAMRY: "I’m not boring anymore! That was Akio Toyoda’s declaration when he introduced me a few years ago. In fact, I made one of our biggest stories of the year a fun drive – that road trip to Kansas City, Omaha, and Wichita. That means I can take you across state lines with ease and comfort. I also got an exciting side, too. I come with a V6 in three trims – including the TRD version. I also come in a Hybrid. A vote for me is a vote for American values! After all, I am built in Kentucky."

TOYOTA GR SUPRA: "I am back! The name, that is. You know as a movie star some years ago. I am the modern interpretation of everyone's dream car. I did it with a little help from BMW. Coming out the plant in Austria, I am light on my feet and can dance around everyone on the track and on a good road. My turbocharged six-cylinder is wonderful. For 2021, I get more horses in my six-cylinder, along with a four-cylinder turbo model. Is that enough to get you to vote for me as #VOTY2020?"

VOLKSWAGEN ATLAS CROSS SPORT: "Born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, I am like a choo-choo train…no, wait…I'm a Volkswagen! I'm the mid-sized two-row SUV that will take you anywhere you want to go! I have lots of room for adults and activities! I come with a turbocharged four-cylinder or a V6. I am also well connected. Now, why me and not my three-row brother? Because I’ve got a lower and tapered roofline. Oh, and I’m cuter. A vote for me will make me the first Volkswagen to win a #VOTY. Now, that’s history!"

The finalists have spoken. Tomorrow, you get to #Vote4VOTY. Which one will you vote for tomorrow?

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