Yes, There Will Be a Victory & Reseda 10th Anniversary Celebration

Victory & Reseda will finally celebrate its 10th anniversary on June 12 at the Back To The 80s – Minnesota show in Burnsville. 

Our sponsorship enabled us to set up space for a tent and a featured vehicle. We are finalizing those details as we speak. I believe you will love what we will activate for the V&R Lounge. 

The V&R Lounge is a concept where you can come, sit down, relax, and talk about cars. We will try to be respectful and free of hate and fear of any sort in our space. 

The organizers of this event also asked us to supply a 30-second commercial to be announced at the show. That’s a first! We’ll make it easy to listen to, so you won’t run away from us!

Let’s get some of your questions asked…

Will there be merchandise available to buy at the V&R Lounge? Nope. 

If we have a V&R T-shirt, should we wear it? Sure, why not!

Is alcohol allowed at the V&R Lounge? Probably not. It is a family-friendly show. 

We noticed a few social media events posted for this show. Which one should we “RSVP” in? For the sake of monitoring potential attendance, we ask that you indicate your attendance on the official event page. When you arrive, stop by and say “hi!”

We want to go and have a 1980s vehicle to put into the show. Should we register? If so, can we park by the V&R Lounge? Registration…yes! Parking by the V&R Lounge…you will get some push back by the folks organizing the parking, though. 

Hopefully, this will clear up everything. Or, confuse you even further…

More importantly, I welcome you to join in the fun at the Back To The 80s show at Buck Hill Ski & Snowboard Area in Burnsville, Minnesota. The show starts at 10:00 AM. Spectators are free, but if you want to register, it’s $15.00 before June 10. You can register online at

That is why V&R was strategic as to how we should celebrate this milestone in the site’s trajectory. We hope to see you on June 12 in Burnsville.

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