V&R 10th Anniversary Stories: Finally, A Celebration

Yesterday, Victory & Reseda finally got the chance to celebrate our tenth anniversary at the Back to The 80’s Show at the Buck Hill Ski and Snowboard Area in Burnsville, Minnesota. 

This culminates the 10th anniversary celebration cycle. It took quite some time to finally be able to celebrate, given the ever-changing social climate of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Was it worth the wait to finally celebrate?

Yes, it was. 

I was amazed at the support I received at the show. From the organizers and volunteers from the Back To The 80s. From the folks at Buck Hill Ski and Snowboard Area. From my fellow club members at the Great Northern Region of the Lambda Car Club International who assisted in creating this great space for us. From Giuseppe who brought his 1983 Audi Quattro to our space. From Phil and Ruth who brought the tent that provided a great space for the V&R Lounge. From my fellow enthusiasts and friends. Most importantly, from you. 

And, we toasted the occasion.

This time, we got lucky. It was warm and less humid. A change from earlier in the week where it was semi-tolerable to intolerable weather.

It made for a great show. It had a lot of the cars I’ve been waiting to see – decades since the last time I saw them. One such example was a beautiful white 1985 Toyota Van with a blue velour interior. There was a 1981 Lincoln Mark VI 4-door sedan in blue with a white top and blue interior that I was invited to sit behind the wheel. 

Come to think of it, I actually have a thing for blue interiors…

To me, it was not about the cars. Yet, they provided a great backdrop and emotional context to the show. 

It was taking pride in the work that has been done for the last ten years. It was connecting with the stakeholders that keep me going through this time. 

For now, the celebration is over. Ten years of this work in the can. Here’s to more adventures to come…

All photos by Randy Stern

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