V&R 10th Anniversary Stories: Developing The "Intersection"

The thing about re-branding is that it is never an absolute science. There are always debates on whether the new brand should include certain things – or not.

In the case of Victory & Reseda, it is already set in stone back in 2011 that it will be the portal for my automotive writing and my coverage of all things sustainable transportation. Yet, there was another internal debate that I had to settle about the new brand for this website.

Now, some may agree that travel writing could be included under this website. There are a couple of trains of thought regarding including travel writing. One, if it is related to either of the subjects centered under Victory & Reseda – driving trips, use of public transport when traveling or alternatives in intercity travel – then perhaps it would work.

The second being in relation to either automotive or sustainable travel in terms of the experience of a destination, For example, my trip to Detroit in 2006 was centered on the automotive industry and its landmarks throughout Southeastern Michigan. There was a specific Los Angeles trip that revolved around both automotive and transit themes. This also justifies my thought about including travel writing as part of the Victory & Reseda package.

If I were to further justify travel writing as part of the theme of Victory & Reseda, I would look back at the notion of travel as part of the ideas that swirled around my bedroom just a couple of blocks off of that intersection. That intersection seems to have always catapulted me on my travels in my first 23 years of my life.

But, some might say that travel writing is a completely different genre. Certainly, I have nothing on Oskar and Dan, Wolter's World, Drew Binsky, or my dear colleague Carla Waldemar at Lavender Magazine. Yet, I found that I can create a sense of place from the seat of a bus, train, or automobile if I were to relay my experiences using that context.

The justifications seem logical. And, proven. This is why I am proud to say that you enjoyed the Travelogue column on here, as well as the other content over the past 10 years!

A smart decision was made 10 years ago of whether to add travel writing to the context of this website. And I took you to some places that even I was grateful to finally fulfill during this past decade. Places, such as Omaha, Kansas City, Wichita, Cedar Rapids, Fargo, Washington, DC, Baltimore, San Francisco, Dallas, Austin, and multiple trips back to Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago, Madison, and across Minnesota.

What was once a debate turned into many opportunities that yielded great memories and superb content. At least, I hope it has for you. If only we can get back to traveling again after we have vaccinated everyone and have been ensured it is safe to roam the world.

All photos by Randy Stern

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