V&R@5 – A Cause For Celebration?


Five years is quite some time to build a brand.

Some say that five years is not enough time to solidify a name brand. It takes decades, and decades means staying power. That may be true for a lot of things – including covering the automotive industry and its culture. However, this social-media driven form of blogging/writing/journalism has accelerated these benchmarks. In this realm five years is a sign of maturation for a brand.

This is why Victory & Reseda is looking forward to celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. To maintain a brand, delivering content that is engaging and interesting to you and to allow it to go through the ebb and flow of this business are signs of its staying power. That alone is worth celebrating.

In what way will V&R celebrate this milestone? In the Twin Cities, V&R is working with several entities to create a celebration that will reflect on the past five years of this website/blog. Varying concepts are being discussed, including discussions on venues, dates and capacity. Once all of the details are set, it will be announced on here. There will also be a Facebook event set up for those wishing to RSVP.

It is understood that it will be big. How big? Not sure, since it will depend on scale, available capacity and the type of anniversary celebration that will be put on.

One thing is for certain – it will involve automobiles.

Stay tuned as V&R will present a proper celebration of five years of being a beacon for a growing carmmunity. This site will continue to be a space where vehicles are reviewed in real world settings and experiences, and a place where ideas, thoughts and considerations are discussed from a different point of view.

Thank you for sticking with V&R. Get ready to celebrate!

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