V&R@5: Commentary on These Past Five Years

Photo by Randy Stern
Photo by Randy Stern

These five years were one hell of a ride!

It is an apt description on how a blog that had no direction whatsoever – except it was all my thoughts and my interests – turned into something that is worth reading. It took a few leaps of faith – a decision on which subject matter to choose as my main thrust in the work and a strategy to build value in and around this site. Most of all, it is trying to get you to pronounce "Reseda" correctly.

We can call this a success. It took a lot of gumption, patience, meditation and audacity to get here. But, it is done. And, there's still more to come…

This is a good time to reflect on these five years. Not just on where I have been and what has been accomplished. But, on how it has become a few things it really shouldn't have to be. And, yet, it is. Maybe it is reflection on how much I put my own trust in this site to see it become a beacon for your readership.

However, I have no words to parse out these thoughts. I am very humbled by your support. I am also humbled by your friendship, your connection, your comradeship, your readership and your welcoming me into your car community.

All I can say is "thank you."

Even when you do not exactly know what I do. Although, I find it difficult to explain in terms everyone can understand. Even when you look at me with strange reactions, although I wondered if I am putting out a guarded vibe when I approach new people. Even when you talk about what my limitations are, although I wished you can roll with me and understand this work and life.

But, still, I thank you.

I look forward to waking up every day and wondering what adventures may come. Whether it is putting out a new article for this or one of my other outlets. Or, whether it is an evaluation drive that has no particular destination in mind. This site is about the adventure through the world of the automobile, its industry, its products, its people and its community.

Again, I thank you.

There are too many people to actually thank by name. Probably more than allowable when the closing music starts up in the orchestra pit. I also fear if I forget someone, I would have an adverse reaction because of it.

So…thank you, a million times over!

Five years are now in the books. What would the next five bring? No clue. I am getting older, though. Luckily, I have a great collaborator in Tyler Lipa, who is helping to keep this site alive with content. I will also be turning to you to tell your stories here again. You all make this work worth while to keep it going, even in the face of each new influencer, relevant social media superstar or established voice within the media business. Although it is my name that is still on the URL – this site is about us.

We are a community of people that believe in the automobile as part of the mobility scheme for this planet. We may come from different places on this Earth, but we come together in a common space to create community.

This is why these past five years were worth the struggle, the fight and the effort.

And, again, I thank you.

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