V&R@7: The Seven Year Itch

2011 Lexus IS 250C 1
It all really started here… – Photo by Randy Stern

In 2011, this career got a major boost.

I was on your radar. I began to work with tools and products you now see on these pages. I became relevant, as I went deeper into the work.

You invited me to car meets, media drives, auto shows, and other related events. You recognized me as a supplier of content and a brain to pick over.

You loved me. You hated me. You even pretended to give a fuck.

Seven years later, I'm still here. This site is still here.

You're still here.

Seven years of good luck, perhaps?

How do we celebrate this? By doing what we do best. I write – you read. You follow on social media. We engage.

Seven years of Victory & Reseda. The story has been told. The story continues. Now, what stories do you want to read?

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