Welcome to Victory & Reseda 2.0

V&R's Own Randy Stern 4
Photo by John Irvine

Now, why would I change the site? Why does it look like this? Why the grays and reds? Am I out of my bleepin' mind?

To explain, this eventually had to come to this. To become more in-tune with future readers (this could be you), I wanted to transform my site from a personal blog-looking one to something more…well…automotive.

For an automotive blog to be taken seriously, the writing and photography take up a greater portion of gaining your trust as some of you have called me "smart" in this subject matter, or gave me a +K in Klout in doing so. You should be able to navigate onto a site that exudes a serious tone – an authoritative outlook.

Hence why I chose the grays and reds.

The grays and reds are amongst some of my favorite automotive colors. I like medium to darker shades of gray because it exudes luxury and elegance in its own subtle way – either in sunlight, under cloudy conditions or under the lights at night. A medium-to-dark red also does the same thing, but is also better to see at night. I did my best to stick within the tonality of these two hues.

There are a few other things you might find. On your right are sliding tabs that you can see my social feeds. Twitter has been a great source of networking and connectivity for this work. You might even see what I'm on about within 140 characters. I also have a Facebook page you can like…and love. I do some exclusive content on there and have been attempting to engage with the fans on there. You will also see buttons to like a particular post – or, tweet it back to your feed!

I also made an effort to make the photos fill the text boxes. It takes some creative editing, but my goal is to create a better visual experience while you read the content. If this doesn't work – feedback is always welcomed!

You will also notice some advertising. Yes…it's true…I've decided to go there. It's a few affiliate sponsors for now. Rental car companies whom I did business with in the past. If you're traveling and need a car – or, have a car in the shop – try my affiliate sponsors!

So, who did the work? The reboot came from my friend Scott Schumacher of HolisticGeek.com in Minneapolis. Scott has been responsible for encouraging me to pursue a lot of my creative endeavors over the past 11 years. If it weren't for his suggestions, I would have not been published as a poet six years ago. We came up with some redesign ideas for the site. He laid down the groundwork on the basic format. I want to thank Scott for his great work on getting V&R towards what you are seeing today.

There is still some more work to do on my end – such as updating the About and Randy Stern Creative Services pages to reflect the current and immediate future directions of V&R and related projects.

Keep in mind that this is a work in progress. Nothing is ever complete. If you think you like the site now – there will be more in store!

Again, your feedback is valuable – comment below!

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