We're on a Race Car!

If you look closer – Photo by Braunscwheig Racing

Our stickers are slowly appearing on vehicles, laptops, toolboxes and other things for the past couple of years or so. V&R is proud to see our friends and readers "fly our colors" wherever they are at!

Never in our wildest dreams have we imagined being on a race car. Nor considering sponsorship of a race car. Or, going into motorsports with our colors flying at speeds attainable by the best drivers and cars.

This is where our friends at Braunschweig Racing come in.

My friend and hardcore racing enthusiast, Nick Johannes, asked about our stickers one day. Our conversation turned on placing on their #117 C5 Chevrolet Corvette currently running in the World Racing League in the GP1 class. A few brain cells clicked and the idea was put into motion.

A week or later, I placed an order with Garage Freaks Design and Kyle Quimby delivered. A few days ago, two stickers made their way to one of the team members prior to their arrival at High Plains Raceway in Deer Trail, Colorado.

Yesterday morning, Nick sent me a photo of the sticker via Facebook Messenger. The sticker is riding on the far rear driver side flank of their C5 Corvette. It was in Braunschweig's pits prior to their run at WRL's 24@5280 racing event. I thanked Nick for doing this…and (I have not told Nick this) I teared up.

This is a dream come true.

Thanks to our friends at Braunschweig Racing for flying our colors this weekend at High Plains Raceway! We wish you the best of luck this weekend!

BTW, you can get your own V&R stickers! They are US$4.00 a piece and I have inventory. All you have to do is to contact me (randy@randystern.net) or order through PayPal with the same e-mail address. Any orders must have a quantity and an address for delivery. We only have the white lettered version with the red "&" in stock. (USA and Canadian orders have their shipping included; other countries must add an additional US$1.50 to their order)

Soon, Garage Freaks Design will be selling V&R t-shirts. Stay tuned for more details!

Support Braunschweig Racing by liking their Facebook page and following them when they race!

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