We're On the Dream Killers Podcast!

Are you listening? Are you watching?

Listening or watching what, you ask? A podcast. Perhaps one of several. There’s plenty of them on the air (or via streaming) these days.

One of them is called Dream Killers. This is a podcast produced by Drive Cartel, the Twin Cities car community crew with one of the coolest and most creative rides on display. Not to mention, they produce two of the best events on the car community calendar – Cars and Craft and the Modest show.

Recently, I discussed their podcast with Ian and Josh of Drive Cartel and we even talked about having me on. The invite came a month later, and here we are…

On the Dream Killer’s podcast episode 7, I tell stories, Ian and Josh volley questions and commentary, and we have a great time doing so.

We cover topics from what I do as an automotive journalist, the state of the auto show circuit, the local car scene and their events (with a plug for their Modest show at the St. Paul RiverCentre on August 15), explore some of my favorite vehicles, the future of the automobile, and getting distracted by the screen where Ian did a great job gathering some photos of me in and around everything you can think of.

How do you catch the Dream Killers podcast episode with your’s truly on it? Well…you can listen to it here:

OR, you can watch it here:

It’s 83 minutes of fun. Simply because I had a lot of fun doing it. \\

Thanks to Ian, Josh, and the Drive Cartel crew! Enjoy the podcast!

Photo by Randy Stern

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