Your Turn: Saying Good-Bye to Twin Cities Assembly

All photos by Dan R.

Dan R. was one of the last workers left at Ford's Twin Cities Assembly Plant in Saint Paul on Friday, December 16. His several years working the line gave him a good living. However, the final day of production prompted him to feel the moment, as he states:

I never cared much that I worked at the St. Paul Ford Assembly Plant. It was just a job in my mind. That was until the last day it was open. Watching long time employees say Good Bye and hug those that they worked with for so long was very emotional. They were more than co-workers, they [were] family. I walked out of the plant for the last time feeling very proud and happy that I was a part of the St. Paul Ford Assembly Plant family.

Dan, as member of the automotive press and the larger automobile community, I know that I speak for many of our readers by saying "thank you" for your service and dedication to Ford at Twin Cities Assembly. I also thank you for allowing Victory & Reseda's readers a photographic glimpse at the last Ford Rangers to be built in North America.

Please enjoy Dan's photos from Ford's Twin Cities Assembly's final day.

Dan is a former assembly worker for Ford and lives in the Twin Cities.

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