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Classic Car
All photos courtesy of Kevin Jack via Flickr and Creative Commons –

Creative people are drawn to other creative people – it's just a fact!

This is why I started doing a new segment for V&R – Your Turn. This is a forum to feature other creative folks that you may or may not have heard of. Their talents range from automotive photography to humorous writing from a different point-of-view transportation-wise. Your Turn posts will also feature stories of reader's rides – whether they love them or otherwise.

The first person to step into this role is St. Paul-based photographer Kevin Jack. Let me have him tell his story first…

"I do a majority of my photography in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, although do travel outside the area. Right now, I am more focused on landscape and portrait (engagements and senior class) photography. I am studying Graphic Design at Saint Paul Community & Technical College in St. Paul. I am doing this as a practice towards my goal of becoming a photojournalist. I do this as a side job, along with my regular employment with the City of St. Paul as a Recreation Leader."

Stuck Bus
Stuck Bus

I became aware of Kevin through Flickr and his interest in my transit photography. Soon, we connected via all forms of social media. Kevin became a reader and a fan of V&R. In turn, I have a high appreciation of what he can do with transportation subjects – from articulated transit buses caught in thick snow to that beautiful piece of Americana seen at the top of the post. Kevin is also an advocate for the local public transport system here in the Twin Cities.

If you are interested in seeing his work, go to his Flickr page or his website. You can appreciate his point of view of all things transportation and other subjects as well. If you love his work – contact him directly through his website!

This is the first of many. If you have a story to tell about your vehicle or any automotive experience you want to share on V&R, contact me and we'll discuss your story to be put onto here!

Kevin Jack is an employee of the City of Saint Paul and a photography student at Saint Paul College. He lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

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